Cuckoo’s at Coombs

Gorgeousness! Gorgeousness! Gorgeousness! Cuckcoo’s tree’d and brolly’d concrete patio immediately transports you. The waiter bellows “…that’s amore…!”( the song in its entirety), as he caters his tables; the sous-chef cradles fresh fettuccine, spilling from the pasta machine. I am in a villa in Italy! (That was quick and cheap.) I dare you to find a more glorious patio experience anywhere! The best way order at Cuckoo’s is family-style: plates of goodness that everyone can share because you’ll want to try everything. After watching the pasta being made, I did something that I never, ever do: order a pasta dish in a restaurant. Cuckoo’s has it mastered–bang on! We chose a very simple combination: fettuccine with olive oil, garlic, and chili, finished with cracked pepper and grated Parmesan, table-side. Oh! So THAT’S what pasta is supposed to taste like! They should sell this stuff. Once you arrive, you’ll want to move in…”I’ll put my couch over there!”

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