Asteras Greek Traverna

Our beloved Charlie was visiting for the weekend and our usual is Tzatsiki and Lemonade….We pretty much got that accomplished at Asteras, ordering family-style! Of course, as you probably have guessed, Amy is the perfect orderer and always does so for the table. This is a popular place. We were shuttled into the sunroom (not my favourite), as they had a reservation for 53! Good for them! That is a testament to their establishment and their continued success!

We stuffed ourselves with the #3 Platter — not the prettiest name, but it’s a crowd pleaser! They start bringing the food pretty much right away, because you need an hour just to get through it! Starting with Greek Salad, we didn’t even have to fight over the feta; there’s lots! We snuck in a Saganaki, just to be a bit gluttonish — who doesn’t want a little fried cheese on the side?!! The main course arrives and it is almost more than the three of us can eat. Succulent lamb chops, done medium rare, juicy chicken and lemony prawns, rice potatoes and corn on the cob, plus hot and fresh pita bread and tzatsiki! It’s a feast!

We couldn’t possibly cram any dessert into ourselves, but, as we reclined and finished off our wine, the waitress brought us over some complementary shots. Cakes drank most of them– Opa!

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