Jar comes with a very impressive pedigree and a mature pallet. Heavy emphasis is on scratch cooking, right down to the house-made, hand-stretched Mozzarella. Preserves are showcased and a chalkboard menu frames a frenetic kitchen. The counter service was very friendly, although I do like to sit and linger over the menu. We missed breakfast by 2 minutes and were thrown off our game immediately! We were handed a cute little chalkboard name for our table number and before I got too far in the latest Eat Magazine the food arrived!

Turkey Panini — Grilled golden with butter, and filled with the above mentioned mozzarella and tomato preserve (housemade, of course.) A side of delicious and refreshingly interesting Jar Salad — Quinoa, pralines, raisins, green goddess vinaigrette and goat cheese–Absolutely a winner! The Chili Pork Belly sandwich had all the makings of a great dish: fresh bread, a little bit gooey, fresh crisp veggies, but I just couldn’t get over the fish sauce in the glaze for the pork. I was prepared for the Vietnamese sub-style flavours, and expected more chilli, or something, maybe I was just having an off day. (The guy next to me devoured his…) French fries were some of the best in town, crisp and perfectly seasoned with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese.

Anyways, noticing that I didn’t finish my sandwich, we were greeted by the Chef himself, who was very attentive, saying he would check the balance of the sauce and eager to cook us something else. I was stuffed, because I ate most of Cakes’ sandwich and so we declined, but promised to be back again.

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