The Crow & Gate Pub

Deep down inside, we all want that “Cheers” moment, you know, where you walk into the bar and everyone says, “Hi Norm!” Those moments take commitment. You’ve got to put your time in, but more importantly you need to choose the right place. The Crow & Gate Pub is the most perfect place “where every body knows your name….”

Cakes and I are lucky, after a Sunday morning market we can trundle down to The Crow, make eye contact with our favourite Publican, Matt, and over the line up give him a groggy wink and a nod. There is a beautiful moment of deep understanding, and as we find ourselves a couple of seats to sink into, two of the best Caesars you’ve ever had arrive. These moments are luxurious and by no means do we take them for granted. There’s nothing like half a jar of pickled asparagus and a little love in the morning to cure whatever the night before did to you.

The Crow is a unique place, stunning and cozy — where youthful hipsters and blue haired grannies sit elbow to elbow, sipping their pints are relishing the fact that this is a kids free zone. In the summer time, their patio is unbeatable: overflowing with flowers and fat chickadees. This is a great place to have a long lingering lunch. In total contrast, the winter months get everyone toasty, hunkered in next to roaring open fires. It’s more British than most British pubs!

This place has it all going on. The staff is gorgeous! Fun, a bit cheeky and running their asses off most days! The drinks are great: awesome Caesars and thoughtfully chosen beers, both local and the essential imports; plus an exceptional selection of Scotches which Matt is plenty knowledgeable about! Food flies out of the kitchen here. Perfect pub fare, fresh and generous. Just look at how much crab and shrimp are on that salad! The Beef Dip here is legendary. Don’t even bother ordering beef dip anywhere else, you’ll just be disappointed! It’s all good!

If you haven’t been to the Crow & Gate yet, it’s time to get out from under that rock.

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