Frog & Puddle Cafe

This place is SO freaking cute. In the dreary shadow the once infamous Cassidy Inn, this little cafe is the perfect spot for breakfast or lunch, especially if you’re out on the road. We loved the building. They’ve revamped what looks like a little shack from the outside into a sweet home-style restaurant with great character, friendly service and great comfort food!

We were out with friends, including one of our small friends and the Frog & Puddle was extremely easy to have a kid at, especially when we tucked her in the gorgeous banquette seat. Waters arrived on the table with lemon & cranberries. It’s these kind of details that set the tone! Plus, smushing up the cranberries to make pink water entertained the kid for at least 2 minutes!

The kids’ menu had some good options. Our little friend choose Mac ‘n Cheese; she claimed it was, “too spicy” and ate fries instead. But being three, I forgave her and polished off the yummy, garlicky pasta.

The burger claimed to be from local beef; it was juicy and delicious with a mango BBQ sauce and feta cheese. Fresh, hand-cut fries with the skins still on, crispy and well seasoned! As they should be.

The chicken pot pie came steaming hot with a nice tuft of puff pastry. Not as thick as you usually see, most likely made with real home made stock. It got eaten before I could inspect it!

The real treat here is the Butter Chicken. Rich, creamy and perfectly spiced – no wonder they keep the recipe in the family. (There’s some connection to the Taj Mahal Spice store… I’ll figure it out.)

We’ve driven by this place countless times, and I’m so glad we finally stopped in.

The next weekend, Cakes and I went back for Caesars and Bison burgers late on a Sunday–great recovery meal!


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