Baby Salsa

Neither Cakes, nor Amy has ever been to Mexico. I know this seems absurd, but we’ve been other places. However, we do have friends that have spent a lot of time there and numerous individuals have confirmed that Baby Salsa is, in fact, authentic Mexican food! Hold on to your hats, Nanaimo!

First impressions count and here you get fresh tortilla chips, still warm from the fryer. This is mind blowing. And, to top it off, the Blackened Habanero salsa is delicious. We went for lunch with Mom and Sister, and these little babies got eaten right up!

Amy was ordering, so we had a gigantic Mexican feast for lunch:

Stuffed Jalapenos with lime-cilantro sour cream. Hot pepper + melted cheese = good.

Tamales, which are labours of love, or so we’ve been told – rich corn dough stuffed with pork or chicken (we had some of each) and red Guajillo salsa or green tomatillo, respectively. steamed in corn husks. Impressive!

Street Tacos are the real stars here. Try them ALL! The Pastor and Pork carnitas are Amy’s favourites, both with great seasoning and tender meat. Be braver than Cakes and have the Lengua. (That’s Beef tongue!) Tastes great!

We were all pretty stuffed at this point, but topped it off with the Churros because who doesn’t like fried batter covered in sugar and dipped in caramel sauce?!!

It’s a little “out of the way” if you’re not a University student, but this place feels homey and delivers great bang for the buck!

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