Corner Bistro

This is the bar I have been waiting for in Nanaimo. I’ve become too “mature” for certain establishments…those kids, they just keep getting younger and younger!

Corner Bistro, brought to us by Phil, the intrepid entrepreneur behind the Corner Lounge, promises to be, the next place-to-be! With a fantastic renovation, including an impressive center-cut slab of wood for the massive bar, the room is going to be able to transform from a bright, open lunch spot to a sexy, sultry venue for live local music once the lights go down.

The ever gorgeous Egyptian Queen, Sonia, made damn sure that we got through the doors on opening day, and I must say the place was buzzing. Fresh (some fresher than others) wait-staff asked questions and every answer I overheard Phil give was bang on: “Do we charge for extra sauce?” “No! Give them the sauce! It’s 2 cents worth of sauce! They can have extra bread, too!” “Do you make your own burgers?” “Of course we do! If the food’s not good, people won’t come back.”

The menu was refreshing, there’s burgers, but oh man! there is SO much more…. Not a wing, nacho or zucchini stick in sight – Thank the Lord! Plenty to satisfy a ravenous bar crowd and elegant enough to take your mother for lunch!

First thing that caught my eye, and our good friend Chelsea’s, was the D.F.B.C. – Deep Fried Blue Cheese Sandwich, with a side of hot sauce. We had a moment. Actually, I need a moment right now…. It’s everything that makes wings delicious without the guilt of all those little chickens on the plate. Chelsea tore into it before the plate had settled on the table, blue cheese spurted, there was hot sauce flying, it was a truly beautiful moment. I think Chelsea almost broke into song. I know she had a spiritual experience!

The Mini Crab Dogs are adorable. A great riff on a Lobster Roll, these buttery little puppies were topped off with a beet chip.

And, because some of us were slightly hungover from too much Prosecco and furniture moving the day before, I ordered us MORE deep fried deliciousness. Pulled Pork Styx — sure to be another late night/day after favourite. Imagine slow cooked, gooey, moist and flavourful pulled pork, then put it in a crunchy cocoon. It’s awesome!

We have no doubt that Phil and his team will make a huge success out of this! They’ve got a great location on Front Street – even an ocean view! Awesome food, perfect atmosphere and a rocking staff!

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